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New Range of Multilayer PPSU Fittings

Added at 28.09.2020

Heliroma is constantly developing the best solutions for your projects.
🎯We present the new range of Multilayer PPSU FITTINGS HELIROMA.

Discover now the great benefits to choose this new product:

– Press-fit Technology – U;
– Total compatibility with the metallic KLIMAPRESS system;
– High reliability;
– High resistance;
– High durability;
– Load loss reduction.

In case of any doubt, we are always at your disposal.
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(Português) 1500 Maiores Empresas 2019 – Distrito Aveiro

Added at 06.01.2020

Once again, we are proud to be part of this group of companies that take the best of our region to the four corners of the world. This time we finished in #209 position in this list. Congratulations to all Heliroma Team, customers and partners. This success is due to everyone!

Multilayer Accessories (KLIMAPRESS)

Added at 18.09.2019

We inform that as of this year we will be updating our range of Multilayer Accessories (KLIMAPRESS) which will be supplied entirely in brass and without nickel. This change aims to comply with EU food-use regulations, which will come to be fully apllied in the coming years. Inevitably, we will have a period of coexistence of nickel and nickel-free fittings until stocks are finished, which will have no impact on product quality as well as the usual warranties.


Added at 16.05.2016

Always looking to provide the best products, Heliroma developed in its range of XXL PP-R 2 new products in order to improve their offer from the technical point of view. With a better system performance it do not result in cost increase. Therefore, we would like to present our new ROMAFASER CT and ROMAKLIMA CT that presenting a different SDR when compared with its predecessors ROMAFASER and ROMAKLIMA all the properties and characteristics in terms of its application fields remain equally due to the fact that we adopted for the manufacture of these new products an innovative raw material, PP-R CT. The raw material PP-R CT last generation used in the production of our pipes have an improved MRS when compared to the previous product available on the market, this new one present an MRS 125Mpa being an huge advantage.


Added at 15.04.2016

Following our close collaboration with our customers and being attentive to the market needs and consequently our customer’s needs, Heliroma present an innovative solution to the PPR pipe Anti-UV. The HELIROMA ROMAFASER – anti-UV differs from other products on the market once that the pipe allow to be welded without need to scrape off the outer layer. Furthermore, Heliroma associated to this new pipe all the advantages of PP-R pipe reinforced with glass fiber.


Added at 14.01.2016

In compliance with the new EU regulations Heliroma is already updating their products in accordance with the new requirements that will come into force soon. Following this, all the threaded PP-R fittings will along this year be gradually provided with no nickel brass thread. All the brass used in Heliroma proucts is suitable for drink water and fullfill all the standard requirements.
We want to notice the fact that prior Heliroma used in their products brass components made of CW614N nickel plated, on this alloy adjustment process we have also been updating our brass alloy to CW617N and now without nickel. All brass alloys previously and currently used by Heliroma are suitable for drink water use and comply with standards requirements.



Added at 12.09.2019

On the 21st of September, another Macodestaques meeting will be held, organized by MACOLIS, SA, which will be attended by professionals from the HVAC sector. After being present in the 2017 edition, we will also be present in this year’s edition. Come and visit us, we are waiting for you!

ISH 2019

Added at 10.01.2019

ISH is the world’s leading trade fair focusing on the responsible management of water and energy in buildings. It sets trends for modern bathroom design, sustainable heating, and air-conditioning technology as well as intelligent home systems. From 11 to 14 March 2019 the fair is only open to trade visitors, public visitor day is 15 March 2019. Therefore, Opening Timescash sales and sample hand-outs are not permitted. On the whole exhibition, ground photographing, filming, and the carrying of cameras is only allowed with the approval of Messe Frankfurt.