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Founded in Portugal on 1996, Heliroma – Plásticos, SA started activity in Arrifana, Sta Maria da Feira. In the beginning, the production was based on PE HD and PE LD pipes, being the target market the construction and agricultural market.

With the evolution of the markets, the growth of competition and the strength of the company in the sector took Heliroma to widen the product range to be able to offer more solutions to the market and thus rearrange the product strategy with the objective of reaching a much more strict and quality focused market. To reach this goal, the company invested in high technology production and control systems to produce thermoplastic pipe systems for cold and hot water, PP-R Pipes and fittings. In the beggining the target markets were Portugal and Spain but, nowadays, Heliroma is the biggest Iberian manufacturer of PP-R System, being as well the company that offers the widest range of PP-R pipes and fittings (actually available from 20-400mm). Heliroma was also a pioneer on the production of PP-R pipe reinforced with fiberglass, known as 3rd generation PP-R pipes. This particular detail allowed Heliroma to get a very important market share where several competition companies became customers of this new PP-R pipes. Heliroma produces as well PE-RT and PE-Xa pipes, being also one of the few Iberian manufacturers of Multilayer pipes (PE-RT/Al/PE-RT). Heliroma participates each year in the main exhibitions of the sector, either in Europe or Middle East, with the objective of promoting the company and its products. Nowadays Heliroma exports for more than 30 countries.

Heliroma has several European and Non-European certifications for its products, assuring the product and service quality. Examples of our certifications are: CERTIF (Portugal), AENOR (Spain), CSTB (France), DVGW e SKZ (Germany), Bulgarcontrol (Bulgary), among others. The approval of Heliroma products by these Certification Institutions are part of the success achieved by the company in a very competitive and strict market. This acknowledgment and the good performace of all of the Heliroma team has been a very important point on the success of the company, that have continuously grown since 2003. Being one of the company’s priorities, Heliroma stronlgly invested on the quality system, the continuous training given do the Heliroma team and on the company and product certification. All the products manufactured by Heliroma are strictly inspected under the implemented quality management system to assure the best quality. To corroborate the lab tests results, Heliroma periodically perform external tests on International recognized labs. Following a continuous strategy of growth and improvement, Heliroma is increasing efforts to reach a wider public, being ongoing a more intensive campaign of promotion to reach even more professionals on the sector such as Installers, Project Designers, Contractors, etc.



Heliroma’s mission is to offer a quality product and excellent service to its customers, adding value, comfort and solidity to the final consumer.


Become a unique reference in the national and international market, distinguishing itself by lasting relationships with its customers, suppliers and employees.

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Heliroma is a company that invests heavily in the quality area, focusing on the training of its employees, as well as on the certification of the company and its products. These goals were already achieved with the certifications by AENOR and IQNET, with ISO 9001-200, and with the certification of various products.

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